There's a reason the rooster is freeMid-summertime in cities with pro-backyard chicken ordinances  is the time when CraigsList, and every third telephone pole, is covered with offers of free roosters…

Because mid-summer is the time everyone finally accepts the fact that the gloriously feathered, proud, loud, non-egg laying, not-a-tiny-chick-anymore, flock member they thought was a hen, is in fact, not a hen.

And because the backyard chicken movement rolling across the United States generally has a uniform caveat no matter what city or state…. that….
Roosters are Not Allowed.

And much as I am a big chicken-fan, I agree with the law.

Because…  there’s a reason the rooster is free.

I have had relations with a large number of roosters.

Well, I should say that I have had relationships with a large number of roosters… but I had to go for the scandalous sizzle.
cuz I don’t get out much.

I have loved roosters. I have cuddled them, encouraged them, cared for them.
And each one, upon coming of age, has stalked me, attacked me, injured me, and caused me to experience real fear.

… and started crowing Really Loudly morning, noon, and night  – including midnight, three a. m., and every twenty minutes after that.

But why, in our omnivorous society, where chicken meat is THE most common dinnertime meat, are there still free roosters on offer?

Because another city ordinance in most states forbids butchering animals for food within city limits, unless you have a ream of permits.
And because the majority of urban chicken farmers see their chooks as pets, and it is in poor taste to eat your friends.
And because butchering is hard work,
But mostly because roosters don’t taste very good.

Personally, I think that’s why Mexico invented mole sauce.

So what are you going to do with that backyard rooster?

I can only tell you what I did, in my book “Just a Couple of Chickens” and point you to my other blog, which will soon be a blook, and is titled
Spoiler alert, it references a recipe for mole sauce.

(And… many of the urban feed stores that carry supplies for backyard chickens will have connections to farmers outside the city who may take roosters… but unless the rooster is a rare breed, it’s better not to ask what they do with them…)






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