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Just a Couple of Reviews!

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“Hatching a New Life” by Fritz Thompson, Albuquerque Journal
August 8th, 2010
What’s the first thing you do when you move to a couple of empty acres in the rural reaches of northern New Mexico? Why, you buy a flock of chickens, of course. Free eggs and fryers, for sure. But that’s not what Andrew Hunt had in mind in 2004 when he announced plans to buy “a few chickens” to better illustrate and educate his young daughters to the esoteric cycle of life. Then his wife, Corinne Tippett, began to peruse a poultry catalog, got intrigued and interested and ultimately did something that altered forever the life of her urban transplant family…
(download the article as pdf here: AlbJournalBookReview8810)

“What’s Chick-Lit Without The Romance?” by Ronni Lundy,www.TheZenchilda.com
Chicken & Egg edition – page 156, Fall 2010
What’s chick-lit without the romance? A darn good read if we’re referring to Corinne Tippett’s insightful and downright funny memoir of contemporary homesteading in a collapsing economy. Coroinne and her husband, Andrew bought a two-acre parcel of stoney New Mexico land about 45 minutes east of Santa Fe in the 1990s because…
(read the whole article here…)

“Something to Crow About” by Christie Chisholm, Weekly Alibi
May 6th 2010
Corinne Tippett never cared one way or the other about chickens. She harbored no childhood dreams of becoming a farmer, an egg seller or a butcher. But one day in 2004, without much planning, the Northern New Mexico resident found herself with a roost full of more than 100 birds—chicken, ducks, geese, quail, pheasants and a myriad of other tiny, feathered hatchlings….
(read the whole article here…)  and adding my own disclaimer…. I talked way too much in this interview. Open mikes and speakerphones are not good things in my world. I said that chickens are evil and I regret that… they are not evil… they are who they are.. You know they’re superstars…. rock out, rock out to Kesha, rock away… not evil, no way….

“Taking the Poultry Plunge” by KT Labadie, Edible Santa Fe
Spring 2010 (pg 35)
Listed in the book reference section… the article is about backyard chickens.

Readers have said…

“…I’m reading your book and really enjoying it…” W.P., Santa Fe, NM


“…I enjoyed the book and liked your take on the raising of the poultry. The issue of culling is still one we struggle with. We have raised goats, meat chickens (never again) , sold eggs locally for nearly 3 years. Almost cover the feed bill…” T., Edgewood, NM


“…hilarious and inspiring, I could relate to so much of it…” K.W., Corvallis, OR


“… I bought your book yesterday afternoon and have only read the first 10 pages, but am already rolling in the aisles, laughing…” K.G., Bend, OR


“… I laughed on almost every page. I love your writing and reading about your adventures with such a variety of fowl…” B.R., Reno, NV


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Elaine, commented on The Valley Permaculture Alliance website enjoyed the book.

Restless Hens enjoyed the book also, if you scroll down to the bottom and see her comment.

Desperately Unrehearsed recommends the book as an interesting read.

Enchantment magazine covered my work with the birds.

ModernFamer.com ran an article mentioning me and my book.