The WestchesterPress says Happy New Year

Happy New Year from The Westchester Press!

Every day I work on my computer… including weekends. Not just for my work self publishing a book, but for everything electronic that I do.

  • Every day I have to enter a password.
  • I’m supposed to change those passwords every 60 to 90 days!
  • And not forget them.
  • They are all supposed to be different… a different password for every portal demanding a password.

I find this overwhelming.

Then it occurred to me the requirement of typing some short phrase over and over again was a great opportunity to practice my powers of positive thinking.

I began to use my passwords as daily affirmations. So now, every day, I type in something encouraging… complimentary… positive… goal affirming.

  • I made a list of daily affirmations tailored to my goals and dreams.
  • I shortened them into 6 – 10 characters. One way to do this was to take the first letter of each word, like – Great Day became GD… (hehehe, which is also an acronym for something less positive, but gots to have my fun!)
  • I included symbols and numbers
  • I added a symbol, number, or letter that I would know referred to a specific service – like GML for gmail. (I don’t use that in my gmail password, so I can offer it as an example)
  • I made a note in my calendar to redo this regularly, which also works for re-tailoring my daily affirmations to keep up with my stellar progress towards my goals and dreams.

Now my daily password chore is very uplifting. As a self publisher, and as an author, I often need daily affirmations to keep going, and using my passwords as an opportunity to make daily affirmations is a great boost.

The key… (that’s a pun… key = password = access)… is to stay positive. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking. New affirmations for a New Year!


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