My blog posts will come more slowly now, and less regularly as I focus on the projects below and bring more books to completion. For regular updates – about once every three months – sign up for our newsletter!

When No One Else Would Fly” is the aviation biography of Colonel C. J. Tippett and is now available on It is a deeply detailed, vivid, interesting read of the aviation pioneering of Colonel C. J. Tippett. Tip’s own memoir is the heart of the book, and it is wrapped in aviation and world history. Soon to be ready in eBook form, it is a great read, getting great reviews. See my dedicated webpage for more information and news about the sequel.


Just a Couple of Chickens” is a laugh-out-loud funny family memoir packed with chicken-raising insights that you don’t have to have chickens to enjoy. It is available in retail stores across the USA and overseas, and in print and eBook format on It continues to sell as people continue to enjoy backyard chicken raising and as a memoir. My dedicated webpage lists retail locations, reviews, and has news about the sequel.


The “How To Self Publish” series is next on my list of books for release, as soon as I get it finished. It will be a step by step manual designed to coach self publishers who have short amounts of time and lots to accomplish. The information is accurate, efficient, and offered in the order you need to do it. It is the kind of self publishing “how to” book I have always been been looking for. This dedicated webpage shows my progress toward book release, or you can sign up for notification when the books are ready.

This website contains dozens of blog posts about these books, and more. The categories are part of the menu, and you can find a tag cloud on the right as you scroll down. Each page is packed with info, pictures, and information not in the books themselves. I invite you to click through the blog posts, and to contact me with any questions.


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