Every time I handle the pilot’s log, I know that I’m doing a very special thing.
This is a museum quality piece of aviation history and I am deeply impressed.

It is a diary of flights, aircraft, activities. It is amazing.

Col. C. J. Tippett, who was my grandfather, flew everything he could climb into. And the book I’m writing is now beautifully enriched by as much research as I can do on each of those bizillion planes. Twenty-six so far and counting… those are only the ones I could find good data on. The others are all similar to each other – in that they are Fleet or Continental Cubs, but were different ships, so multiply that by at least 2.

When I’m done writing the book I look forward to blogging more about the planes.
And blogging again about my other book, the chicken book, which is also very fun… but I shoulda done my grandfather’s book first and so I have to do it now… besides, I want to…

The Curtiss Jenny JN4, the Heath Parasol, the Tommy Morse Scout, the Kinner Lincoln PT-K, the Keystone B4 bomber, the Great Lakes 2T-1 Menasco, the Taylor Piper Aero F-2, the Warner (and every other kind of engine type) Fleet 1 and 2 and 7, the Detroiter, the Kinner Fairchild, the Ryan STA (oh my favorite – it must have been amazing to fly),  the Bird BK, the Aeronca L and C3, the Waco RNF, the Rearwin 7000, the Curtiss Robin, the Meteor, the Lambert Monocoupe, the Lycoming Stinson, the Pitcairn PA-6, the North American BT-9, the Douglas BT-2B, and …. drumroll… the Szekely Curtiss Wright Jr.  And that’s just up to 1938.

Now back to the book!
He ground-looped a Fleet 7, hehehehehe!