Self Publishing Advice Sky's the LimitI am a big fan of How To books, but I also have a big pet peeve regarding the genre…

They talk too much!

And as an expert at talking to much, I know alot about this issue.

When I buy a How To book, it’s because I already know that I want to know how to do whatever it is the book is talking about.

So I get really frustrated when the first several chapters of the book are telling me why I should buy the book. Because I already bought it!

I wanted a how to book that got straight to the point. That explained to me what I needed to know, then what I needed to do, and explained it in order.

And it would be even better if it contained a checklist of items that I could accomplish in the fifteen to thirty minutes I have to accomplish it in.

But I didn’t find any such “how to” books in self publishing, although I did find a lot of good self publishing books.

So I decided to write my own, in exactly that format.

I went one step better. I separated the “how to” books into small volumes that are targeted to specific parts of the self publishing process, like preparing a book proposal, the actions of self publishing, marketing a self published book, making a website to support a self published book.

These books, together, create a valuable step by step resource for anyone stepping into self publishing a book, and I plan to have them available as print and eBooks soon. Sign up for my newsletter if you want to be informed when they are ready!

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