How to Self Publish A Book. This is the core of my self publishing blog and book series. It is the journey to self publishing and self promoting taken one step at a time, in an easy to understand approach, built for when you have just 15 mins to spare…. until – you have a book in hand ready to market. The blog posts here start the series, and the book offers more information and more organization, and more details.

Do it yourself book publishing (DIY publishing) has changed the book publishing industry profoundly over the last several years. Self publishing advice, from an author who is currently doing it, is what I have to offer, as well as how to identify keywords, plan a website, and navigate the new concepts of self publishing a book.

The series is divided into sections and will be available in total, or in sections. Short, clearly written, entertaining directions with a worksheet for the step by step. Understand the overall project, choose the parts you need for your project, and get them done.

The book will be ready soon!  The posts on this site are included, plus more detailed information. If you’d like to be added to the release notice list, contact me and mention the How-To Series.