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Now Available in Kindle Format

Now Available in Kindle Format

Just a Couple of Chickens” was published in 2009 and is a funny, poignant, and very real story about raising poultry and a family in hard economic times. It is available on Kindle, on Barnes and Noble, and EPUB, and in retail locations across the USA.



Now Available On Amazon.com!

“When No One Else Would Fly” was published in 2013 and is about the aviation pioneering history of Col. C. J. Tippett, my grandfather. The book is available on Amazon.com.


The How To Self Publish Series is underway and described by the posts on this blog. It is designed for people interested in book self publishing who have only 15 minutes at a time to get something done. Or 15 minute long attention spans. Step by step guided actions that follow a system that works regardless of technology and software changes. The posts in the About Self Publishing category are an introduction to what will be a hand-held walk through do it yourself book publishing. Sign up for my free newsletter to watch for the publishing how to book release.