Reader Reviews for “When No One Else Would Fly”

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Readers have rated Tip’s biography 5 out of 5 stars on


“I am enjoying my book immensely… The book is well and engagingly written with amazing grasp of detail (names and backgrounds of people PLUS snippits on the 98 aircraft he was rated in)… Nice job. HUGE job…”  W. T., Darien, CT


“…I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  I thought you did a fantastic job of blending Tip’s written memoirs with factual accounts and information that you researched…”  C.M., California


“I was highly amused by Tip’s account of his first impression of Major Longfellow – “a stare from him would wrinkle your uniform”.  Just shows the power of a ‘look’. Corinne has done a superb job in bringing all the information and memories of Colonel Tippett into this book…”  MR, Avalon, NSW, Australia


“Corinne put so much more into it with the research she did—-adding what costs would be in today’s dollars, the maps, and various asides to bring the reader into that time period.  Both of her books just flow and you do want to keep reading.” L.S., Tucson, AZ