Now available for Kindle!

Now available for Kindle!

When No One Else Would Fly is now available for Kindle!

The eBook is done and looking good, and up for Amazon’s Kindle.

If you are an Amazon Prime member with a Kindle, the book is also available for you in the Kindle Lending Library!

This is all cause for big celebration.
Unless you have an e-reader that takes only ePUB,
In which case, you’ll have to wait three more months for the eBook BUT…

The print book is also available, and its batteries won’t run out like your e-reader’s will!

The three month wait is due to my enrolling “When No One Else Would Fly” in the Kindle Select Program – so that I can see how that works for my books.

Check out the five star reviews on for Tip’s biography – readers are enjoying the story!

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