Update 6/26/2012…. The plane IS an Aeronca, verified by a reader who owns and flies an Aeronca L3B manufactured in 1943. Thank you Bill!  He says the landing gear is distinctive. Sincerely Appreciated!  Thanks!

In the process of writing the biography of my grandfather, Col C. J. Tippett (Air Force Reserve), I am trying to positively identify the airplane he is sitting on in this photo. I’ve narrowed it down, with the help of Dad and Tom and Tom’s contacts, to an Aeronca. I’m hoping that an Aeronca expert can confirm?  Based on Tip’s apparent age, it is 1935, probably taken in Hawaii. Based on Tip’s pilot log in 1935, he did fly a… (exact quote) “Areomarine – Taylor “Cub” NC 2142, but this plane does not have the crossed landing gear struts of a Taylor or Piper Cub. Thus the Aeronca question.  If you can help, would you please contact me, either by clicking here, or at talktotheauthor@thewestchesterpress.com?  I’d like to get it right, when I write…. Thank you!!!


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