Hello to my new Facebook Page!

I held out a long time before making a fan page because, frankly, I was worried about inadvertently posting my underwear on the internet via Facebook. But now I’m getting ready to roll out my new book and so I am braving the granny-pants exposure risk. And if before I had a fear of not being “liked” well, it was nothing compared to now. Now there’s an actual public counter showing the whole world how many people “like” me… sheesh! (I liked myself right away, of course…)

And I waited just the right amount of time, because things are curiously linked and automated between WordPress and Facebook and other social media tools, so it’s a new experience to use it all at once – and a lot easier than it used to be, which does not mean it was easy.

So Hello Facebook!

Col. C. J. Tippett in the cockpit

Col. Cloyce Joseph Tippett in the cockpit

Coming Real Soon is the biography of my grandfather, Col. C. J.  Tippett who was an aviation pioneer, dashingly charismatic kind-of-spy,  civil aviation leader, and big-game fisherman who caught granders with Glassell, Farrington, and Hemingway. It is in Advanced Draft now… and the red ink is flowing.











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