Mars Curiosity Image of Rover Wheel

The Back Tire of the Mars Rover, “Curiosity” sent within minutes of touchdown.

How uber-cool is NASA’s live feed of the Mars Rover “Curiosity” touchdown?  Mega UBER-cool… as was the substitution of a hover craft (wha, sky crane is more accurate?) for the bouncing ball tech of the last touchdowns… also successful, but what, less precise?  AND Curiosity sent back images right away…. of her own back tire.

Okay, still an UBER COOL back tire!

And another image…. of her own shadow,

Okay, her shadow on MARS!

And then NASA’s websites crashed.
The touchdown was a success…
but the websites all crashed.

But then they came up again….

Curiosity's Shadow On The Surface Of Mars.

Who hasn’t taken a picture of her own shadow? On Mars!

And anyway, I already had my pics of their pics…. the ultimate in public domain,

I hope.




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