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An author website tells a story, about the telling of a story.

I am Corinne Tippett and I wrote “Just A Couple of Chickens” about my family and our poultry adventures in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Then I wrote “When No One Else Would Fly” about the aviation pioneering life of Colonel C. J. Tippett, who became the first Director of the South American Office of the International Civil Aviation Organization – and my grandfather.


This was the summer I spent at Llangollen Farm with my grandfather, Colonel C. J. Tippett and Liz Whitney Tippett. These were her prize-winning carriage horses. They were biters.

Corinne Tippett many years ago

Me at age 8. I know. I need an updated headshot.

My grandfather’s biography took 23 years to come to print, partly because I stopped writing it to work on the chicken book.

The chicken book was going to be a light, funny story about an urban transplant wannabe homesteader family and my blown egg and natural feather business, www.TheFeatheredEgg.com. Then the economic crash of 2008 turned it into a very real grapes-of-wrath style memoir. My family and I moved to Portland, Oregon and we went to work turning trouble into hope, and putting it out in self published book form.

I started writing dubious poetry and wild stories at age 8. I grew up in Australia and Argentina and Arizona with my parents and two sisters before I left home and went to California. I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara with a BA in Industrial/Scientific Photography. Throughout all of my years, I kept writing; newspaper pieces, magazine articles, reports, short fiction, blog posts, and more. My list of publications is available hereCorinneTippettPublicationsList.

Book marketing is an important part of self publishing and marketing is my full-time day job. I have worked for non-profit women’s health and software companies. See my LinkedIn page for my details on my Day Job.

Thank you for visiting my website and please feel invited to contact me!

My Short Bio:

Corinne Tippett’s first book, Just a Couple of Chickens, showcases her talent for humor writing. She has now released her second book, When No One Else Would Fly, about the aviation pioneering life of Colonel C. J. Tippett. Corinne has published articles in over eighteen magazines and newspapers and continues to write regularly. Her degree from Brooks Institute of Photography has proven useful in her marketing career as well as in publication. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two children, having moved there from Santa Fe, NM in 2010. Corinne is currently the Marketing Manager, Americas for DocsCorp, LLC.