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At Corinne Tippett & The Westchester Press we sell funny, informative, enjoyable books by Corinne Tippett and blog about do it yourself publishing. My self publishing advice is based on writing a book and then figuring out how to self publish it. This new era of DIY book publishing has made it possible for authors to publish… by becoming publishers. Independent publishers. That’s what “Self Publish” really means…

The How To Self Publish A Book blogs and info are from an author do it yourself point of view doing online print on demand, hard copy short-run printing, and self marketing for book sales. DIY book design, DIY online publishing. DIY website for a self published book.

SELF publishing is, by definition, the process of publishing your book yourself. And this is what my site is all about, in addition to supporting the books I have already published. The Westchester Press is the business I started so that I could self publish. Read more about me on this other page… and enjoy the posts. They will eventually come together into a How To Book designed to take an author one step at a time through the process of self publishing.

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