Somewhen near this day in 1956, Tip – who was my grandfather – was fishing for Black Marlin at Cabo Blanco, Peru – and catching them, with Ernest Hemingway, and his wife Mary, and some other sport fishing heavyweights, like Farrington, and Glassell, using linen line – and rod and reel.

Coming soon – the whole story, working titled “Tip – A Biography” by Col. C. J. Tippett and me… and a list of acknowledgments that reels out over the ages.

Made possible by my grandfather’s awareness that he was doing something extraordinary and his actions of saving his documents, his letters, his life. Made possible by my father and aunt and grandmother and step-grandmother and other step-grandmother who also saved documents, and letters, and those things that describe a life. And by all the other people doing the very same thing… preserving his-story.

Which is why I even tried to watch that Royal Wedding… living history live – I’m hooked!